Anna Raccoon wants your help to stop people suing the NHS.

Ms Raccoon is ‘lying’ for parliament, where other candidates merely ‘stand’ for parliament. No matter. The legs might not work, but the brain does! WE will force parliament to end the ridiculous situation whereby NHS Litigation fund amounts to 50% of the NHS budget. That’s your cancer treatment, your wait in A & E, your hip replacement not happening because others are suing the NHS.

9 thoughts on “Anna Raccoon wants your help to stop people suing the NHS.”

  1. The Landlady is cleaning the windows, polishing the taps, issuing commands to the bar staff…getting all ship shape and Bristol fashion ready for the BIG opening.
    Now if she wants me to put up the bunting I shall need a step ladder and I think Granddad nicked it the last time he clambered down to deal with is septic tank.

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  2. This is all very well but just wait until that inevitable moment when the damn computer frustrates and annoys you so much that you want to pick it up and hurl it out of the window into the canal. Never forget that one of the essential ingredients of the internet is to be able to infuriate normal, intelligent, sensitive humans beyond all measure. Believe me; it will come. If you build it, it will come.


  3. Now … In Re The Representation of the People Acts (as amended) and In Re P. lotor norfolkensis (a candidate): as you’ll be lying for Parliament, you seem at least to have the principal qualification already! Very Shakespearian (‘For the gilt of France …’, ‘Not on thy sole …’ &c.).

    Perhaps all the regulars eligible to vote ought to register to do so (by post, naturally) in Islington North. Now that you’ve taken the plunge, there’s the problem posed by Capt. James Clark of the British Army, the Conservative-Party candidate, and his likely appeal to raccoonistas and therefore division of the vote.



  4. Hi Anna, great to see your blog return.

    Found the Mail article earlier,
    “Cancer-sufferer standing against Jeremy Corbyn in his own backyard.”

    Always felt in my heart women have always been stronger than men in many ways. Their egos tend not to over-compensate for lack of knowledge. For instance, will do the intelligent thing and ask for directions if lost.

    Running the risk of people assuming I am TS/TG (I’m not), I often emphasise my admiration for women by paraphrasing Groucho Marx; “I only have one regret in life, I wasn’t born female”.

    However, because I don’t see any purpose in heading down the gender reassignment pathway, I never gave any consideration to how I might like such a female alternative to manifest itself. Not until I started reading your blog posts that is.


  5. Happy, happy chance.
    Accidentally tapped on your bookmark and instead of the usual sad “vacant, for sale ” sign up pops real reincarnated Raccoon post.
    So glad you are back, talking sense with a side order of humour.
    Lang may yer lum reek.

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